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Welcome to the home of picture perfection. We are an TV aerial installation Wrexham company that can help in any situation you may find yourself in, our services cover a range of possibilities from complete system installation, all the way to repair and accessory work. There is no work we will not undertake. Our customer service is second to none, we will leave you with a long-lasting feeling of satisfaction and an even longer lasting crystal-clear signal. 

Products we install at TV aerial Installation Wrexham

We install every modern aerial and satellite that is currently in use here at TV aerial Installation Wrexham. These are ranging from simple digital log aerials, to more complex high gain aerials. We install aerials and satellites that can work with all common systems such as Freeview, Freesat, Sky-Q, Sky-HD and more. We also install aerials for more purposes than just TV. We can install aerials for purposes such as radio, which includes FM and DAB aerials. 

As our country has become more and more international, with an increasing number of ties with other countries and cultures, satellites capable of accessing foreign channels have become steadily more popular. We can give you access to a number of foreign channels from many different countries, such as all European countries and a number of other popular countries. Depending on signal strength and the type of transmitter that the foreign channels use, will decide the complexity of the work. If the signal strength is strong and the type of transmitter the foreign channel uses is the same as the receiver on your satellite, then accessing foreign channels is simply a case of realigning your satellite. However, in some situations, a stronger signal might be required, which would be provided using either a more sensitive satellite or a booster box. Sometimes, the LMB or receiver of the satellite may need changing, to permit this we offer different types of LMBs as well as hybrid LMBs that can receive more than one type of signal.

Why use us for TV aerial Installation Wrexham?

We are a trusted TV aerial installation in Wrexham. We have countless years of experience installing both aerials and satellites. We exclusively employ local engineers who are themselves from Wrexham, so that we can be sure that our engineers have a wealth of experience in Wrexham and know exactly what pitfalls you are likely to face. Furthermore, we only use the most modern and up to date equipment to ensure that we are able to pick up even the most minute malfunctions. Despite striving to provide the most current systems, we also provide support for older systems that perhaps other companies would view as outdated, this is so that if you or a loved one have grown accustomed to a particular system and are hesitant to change, we will work with you to ensure you can continue using the system that you know and love.

As Wrexham is your home, it is ours too. We care uniquely for Wrexham and we are willing to travel to any part to ensure that no Wrexham resident is left without a signal.