TV Socket Installation & Extra TV Points

If you need a new TV aerial socket installing, or the first TV aerial point in a new development James Wilson engineers can help!

Many households now own more than one television, but not every household has spare TV wall sockets. We can install TV sockets in any room in any house, meaning you can watch FreeView or another TV providers channels every room you have a TV in!

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TV Aerial Socket Installation Cost

There is no fixed cost for installing a new TV point, simply because no two houses are the same and the amount of cable or drilling will differ from home to home. The best thing to do is call James Wilson on 0800 051 7638 or fill out one of our booking forms, and speak to one of our friendly support staff, and at no cost to you they can send out an engineer who will run through all your options and be able to give you an exact price for the work. Also, if you’re happy they will be able to carry out the work there and then!

Extra TV Points

Are you sick of the whole family hogging the same TV? Then make the sensible move and have more TV points installed in your home. Every television in your home can be watching different things if they are all independently connected to your roof antenna. Our Extra TV Point Experts will advise on the best placement/location for ht e points or can simply install them where you would like them. All in days work for the team at James Wilson your local engineer.

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