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If you have a Blu-ray player, or wish to stream 4k or 8k movies from Netflix, then you need to ensure your TV network and hardware is up to the job! We see, time and time again, people with inadequate cabling and low quality TV networks meaning the expensive media players and streaming services are not being fully utilised.

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Why choose James Wilson for your 4K HD TV Services?

Our engineers are fully versed in the possibilities and options available with a true HD TV system installation, enabling the end user to maximise their Blu-Ray players, Sky HD boxes and even in some cases, CCTV systems from the comfort of their own home, in a blisteringly clear HD picture.

So why do you need a UHD TV Network?

A true HD network extends the usefulness of your televisions and related hardware, as it allows multiple signals to flow through meaning you can have all your boxes (Sky box, consoles, etc.) in a room or suboard centralloy controlled, then access everything on every TV in FULL HD and even 3D where available.

This also allows a clear, cable and clutter free television installation to add the finishing touch to any home TV network.

HDMI networks can be built and designed for any combination of equipment – from several source devices to one TV or one source device to several TV’s. HDMI distribution is totally versatile and can be designed to suit your needs. Please, don’t be confused, if you have any questions regarding HDMI please call James Wilson. 

HD / HDMI Networks can be adapted and flexed to suit each and every requirement. Whether you have several devices to one television or multiple televisions and one device – we will always find a cost effective solution. If you have any questions or queries then simply call 0800 001 4212 today, or fill out one of our booking forms and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

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