James Wilson Smart TV Installation and Setup

Have you purchased a new Smart TV? Has the setup and installation of it left you feeling anything but Smart? You’re not alone! Its estimated that over 35% of all Smart TV’s are not configured properly, and in fact are only using 10% of Smart TV owners are using their Smart Televisions full capabilities.

To ensure you’re getting everything out of your Smart TV – then have it installed by a professional. Our team of local engineers are primed ready to help you take your Smart TV to the next level.

What should my Smart TV do?

Smart TV’s enable you to bring the power of the internet, to your Television. It lets you stream content from YouTube and many more online services, including but not limited to;

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • NowTV
  • YouTube & YouTube TV
  • BBC iPlayer & BBC News
  • ITV Hub
  • My5
  • All4
  • …And many more!

Call us today on 0800 001 4212 if you want to connect your Smart TV to any of the services listed above, or any other app/service that is available to download onto your Smart TV.

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I dont have a Smart TV – I have a Chromecast/Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV Box?

We can still help! Thanks to companies like Google and Apple, we can now turn a Dumb TV (yep, that’s what they are called!) into a Smart TV by simply installing a Smart TV Enabled Device like a Chromecast, Apple TV Box or an Amazon Fire Stick. Our team of Smart TV experts can help set up your Cast device on any TV and help transform your current setup in minutes! All your need is a HDMI port and the internet! Contact our team on 0800 001 4212 or fill out one of our online enquiry forms.

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