James Wilson TV Wall Mounting Services

We find, way too often, that people invest in beautiful televisions, top-class surround sound systems and then mount their TV on the wall for maximum space saving and for the best all round viewing position for everyone in the room – but leave trailing cables to TV aerial sockets or that go to the power or external speakers. Also many people incorrectly hang their TV’s on cheap store-bought TV brackets, and then use the wrong fixtures to attach the bracket to the wall. All in all, its a recipe for disaster.

James Wilson Professional TV Wall Mounting

For starters, you shouldn’t hang your expensive, new television onto a wall, unless you are completely sure you’ve chosen the correct mount, fixtures and position for it. Our expert engineers know what to consider, from ensuring you don’t chop through cables, to ensuring the TV is mounted at the right height so as to not cause neck pain when viewing! There is so much to consider, don’t hesitate to call the experts.

What are the benefits of mounting your Television on a wall?

  • Space Saving! No need for TV cabinets or bulky furniture! Take back your space!
  • Out of reach from Children and Pets! No more mucky fingerprints and chewed cables!
  • Best Viewing Angle! No slouching, no straining, just perfect viewing!
  • Best Sound Distribution! If you’re relying on the inbuilt speakers, then having your screen mounted higher and centrally on a wall helps the sound travel better.
  • Clean and Tidy! A professional installation with hidden cables can turn your TV from an eyesore to a feature of the room!

BE CAREFUL! Wall mounting TV’s is the number 2 cause of damaged screens and broken tellys! If you are unsure, in doubt or don’t have the confidence to complete a tv wall mounting installation, then call our experts today on 0800 051 7638 or fill out one of the forms on our website and speak to our friendly staff today.

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