Home Cinema Systems 

Why not complete the package and have your living room turned into a home cinema! Most homes now have large flat panel displays, and we are seeing more and more people taking the next step and enhancing their sound systems and the placement of their TV’s to create a fantastic home cinema experience, that the whole family can enjoy.

James Wilson engineers can install wall and roof mounted speakers, and advise on panel placement and other factors that need to be considered when creating the perfect home cinema room

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James Wilson Professional Home Cinema Installation

A home cinema is usually the stuff of dreams, but thanks to improvements and innovations in technology over the last 5 years, you can now affordably bring the big screen experience to your own front room! Our installation experts will visit your home for a free no obligation discussion about your options and if you wish to proceed then we can usually complete the work the very same day. Call today on 0800 001 4212 to speak to one of our friendly support staff, there is no risk or no cost so you have nothing to lose!

Home Cinema Uses

Why would anyone want a Home Cinema installing in their home? Truth is… there are MANY reasons, but here are a few…

  • Awesome Film Nights with Friends or Family!
  • Live TV Events such as Football or Boxing Nights!
  • Take Gaming to the NEXT Level!
  • Use as a Real lifesize Driving Simulator!

Home Cinema Equipment

Whether you already have the equipment, or if you need to discuss purchasing new equipment – our knowledgeable and friendly engineers can show you a full range of options including but not limited to…

  • Digital Speaker Systems
  • Bluetooth Speaker Systems
  • Smart Speaker Systems
  • Sonos Speakers
  • DVD and Blu Ray Players
  • AV Amplifiers and Receivers
  • Hard disk recorders

So, whether you are looking for consultation, installation, supply of equipment or any/all of the above – call James Wilson today on 0800 001 4212 or fill out one of online booking forms.

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