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TV Aerial Installation Kilmarnock is a family-owned company that is based in Kilmarnock. Further, we have been providing a variety of TV and aerial services to all of Ayrshire and beyond for many years now. Also, we cover things such as TV aerial and satellite installation, repair as well as maintenance. If you require any of these services and you would like help from one of our certified TV engineers then call our local Kilmarnock office today.

A free home appointment and no obligation quote at TV Aerial Installation Kilmarnock

Here at TV Aerial Installation Kilmarnock, we are very passionate about providing all our customers with services that are tailored to them and their needs. This is why we offer all our customers a free home appointment at a day and time that suits you. In many cases that can even be on the same day – just call our office to find out. If you do decide to book your free home appointment, an engineer will come to you you. Importantly, sit down and discuss the things they can help you with as well as survey the property to come up with a personalized plan that meets both. Further, they will also provide you with a no-obligation quote that can be fulfilled thanks to our same day installation offer.

Long-lasting TV Aerial Installation Kilmarnock solutions

If you need your aerial fixed or a satellite mounted then, TV Aerial Installation Kilmarnock has got you covered. Mainly, we use high-quality models that are the most up-to-date on the market, and we install them neatly and robustly. Therefore, you are left with sleek and long-lasting results. Not only this but all our installations come with a free one year warranty so that you can rest assured that you have purchased a TV aerial or satellite that will stand the test of time as long as you and your family may need.

Fixing Ayrshire’s problem of bad TV reception

Mainly, at TV Aerial Installation, we completely understand the challenges of trying to deliver good quality TV reception to all homes.  Further, TV reception dramatically varies across the UK and towns and even across properties. If this is something that has affected your house don’t hesitate to call us and we can help you you to either get your aerial fixed or install a TV aerial booster that will strengthen the signal in all the rooms within your house, allowing you to watch a TV that you deserve.

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Whether you want to book with TV Aerials and Satellite today, or you have some inquiries, then please get in touch. You can give us a call on 01563 594 359 or use our online booking form.


TV Aerial Installation Kilmarnock Kilmarnock roots

TV Aerials UK serve both the private and business sector in Kilmarnock and surrounding areas. Further, we are very thankful to have roots in a constantly changing and developing town such as Kilmarnock. It has a very diverse history that includes things like the publication of Robert Burns’ first collection of poems by John Wilson, who was a printer and bookseller, in 1786 as well as the birthplace of the internationally renowned whisky brand Johnnie Walker which also originated in Kilmarnock in the 19th century and until 2012 still had his home in the Hill Street plant.