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Undoubtedly, we have all heard of the British broadcaster and telecommunications organisation, Sky. Although the brand is most known for its impressive television services, Sky also offers broadband internet services. Sky provides a range of products. Some of the most popular include Sky Q, Sky Broadband, and the newly introduced Sky Glass TV. To experience this high-quality new device and service, you must buy Sky Glass TV.  



Buy Sky Glass TV – What is Sky Glass? 


Sky Glass is the ultimate smart TV. It is also Sky’s first produced TV. Not only are the features it offers extremely impressive, but after purchasing, you can get rid of your old TV and Sky Box, and replace them with one device that combines them both. For non-Sky customers, now is the time to finally jump on board. The device is considered as a TV with Sky services already inside. So, you can officially stream every channel, show, and app through Wi-Fi. That means that no dish or box is required! Sky itself has described the device as, “next level easy.” 

Tempting Price

Not only does the new TV look sleek and ultra-modern, but Sky Glass is considered as an “Impressive TV system at a tempting price.” Even without a Sky subscription, the TV will still operate as a normal TV. If this is the case, you must ensure that you have a functioning TV aerial.   

One of the most impressive features of purchasing Sky Glass TV is the flexible payment options. Other smart TVs require full payment at the time of purchase. Once their TV is purchased, they can then progress by investing in monthly service subscriptions. However, Sky provides customers with the option to pay monthly for not only the service but the TV device too. Much like a mobile phone package deal, payment plans are much more manageable. Especially for those with a budgeted disposable income.

Delivery Details 

Sky is responsible for delivering your new TV. The device should arrive within two to five days depending on the delivery option chosen. The selected courier will deliver the TV and unbox it, taking away any packaging to recycle. The setup process could not be easier. With no need to connect the TV to a satellite dish, you can simply connect it to your home Broadband facilities. For wall-mounting purposes, a bracket will be supplied with the TV. However, if you have an alternative TV bracket that corresponds with the TV and room size and shape, feel free to use this instead. After a successful setup, you will now finally have access to all of the endless features that Sky Glass has to offer.  

Sky Glass Multi-room

After you buy Sky Glass TV, you will not be restricted to using it in only one room. For a multi-room Sky Glass experience, you can upgrade to a home package for an additional £10 per month. A piece of hardware, known as a Sky Stream Puck will also be necessary.

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