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We have a number of services available at TV Aerial Installation Exeter. As well as aerial and satellite installations we offer maintenance, repairs and replacements. Thus, regardless of your aerial needs, we are here to meet them.

We are happy to  offer same day or next day service at TV Aerial Installer Exeter as we are a local company. Free call-out service and free quotes are also offered, with a 10% discount for everyone aged 65 or over. 

Our services are available to both commercial and domestic properties in and around the area. We tailor all our services to meet your specific needs at TV Aerial Installation Exeter. 

Are you in need of TV Aerial Installation Exeter?

At TV Aerial Installer Exeter we only use the latest digital equipment as customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities. If you are having issues with your current aerial and require an upgrade we are more than happy to help.

A number of factors such as extreme weather conditions can impact your aerial. We understand how frustrating it can be when your TV isn’t working. Which is why we provide a quick, hassle free turnaround at Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Exeter

Whatever your issues our trained technicians can assess your property and provide the ideal solution. Unlike our competitors, we do not have height restrictions. Meaning we can instal your aerial in its prime position.

How much does TV Aerial Installation Exeter cost to fit in Exeter?

When installing an aerial a range of internal and external factors have to be considered . For instance, your location, type of aerial, your provider, the number of TV aerial sockets required etc. Therefore we do not have a set price list,  nor do we offer quotes over the phone.

Instead, we provide a free call-out service with one of our trained professionals. Meaning we can offer you an accurate and unbiased quote. We have absolutely no hidden costs or obligations. 

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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always more than happy to help.

You can give us a call on 01392 573 514 or use our online booking form today.

About Exeter

The city of Exeter was established on the eastern bank of the River Exe on a ridge of land backed by a steep hill. It is at this point that the Exe, having just been joined by the River Creedy, opens onto a wide flood plain and estuary which results in quite common flooding. Historically this was the lowest bridging point of the River Exe which was tidal and navigable up to the city until the construction of weirs later in its history. 

This combined with the easily defensible higher ground of the ridge made the current location of the city a natural choice for settlement and trade. In George Oliver’s The History of the City of Exeter, it is noted that the most likely reasons for the original settling of what would become modern Exeter was the “fertility of the surrounding countryside” and the area’s “beautiful and commanding elevation [and] its rapid and navigable river”. Its woodland would also have been ideal for natural resources and hunting.

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