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TV Aerial Installation in Cumbernauld

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In Britain, TV is an essential part of our day, we rely on TV for pretty much everything. From finding out the weather to keeping up to date with local occurrences and national news. There is no surprise that a good TV picture and signal is essential. At James Wilson TV Aerials, we are here to help with all your aerial needs. From large jobs, to small jobs, we can do them all. We offer the most helpful and comprehensive service available anywhere on the market there is truly no one like us. 

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Our wide range of services

We offer an endless number of services, each of which is perfectly suited to a different application. Whilst we specialise in the installation of aerials, we offer a whole host of aerials ranging from small standard aerials that are designed to be discreet, to large aerials that are capable of picking up a signal even in the most adverse of conditions and everything in between. 

We offer an equally diverse range of satellites, we also supply satellites for any and all major systems currently in use, such as Freesat, Freeview, Sky Glass TV, Sky-Q, Sky-HD and more. Satellites can be made from a myriad of different materials, including steel aluminium and plastic mesh. Each have their own pros and cons, for example, steel is the strongest however it is also the heaviest and obviously carries the risk of rust. Plastic mesh on the other hand is somewhat more fragile, however it is lighter meaning it can be installed in more places and is less likely to fall. Additionally, satellites made from metals tended to have better signal characteristics, although, advancements in synthetic material technology have led to the difference in the signal characteristics being negligible. 

TV Wall Mounting

We understand that there is more to watching live TV than simply having a good signal, which is why we offer a whole host of services to ensure that your viewing experience is as positive as possible. Perhaps our most popular additional service is television wall mounting, we can supply and install almost any size of bracket, ranging from brackets for televisions as small as 10 inches and below, all the way to the largest televisions money can buy, such as those which are 85 inches and beyond. Call today to find out more, enquire about our services, or arrange a visit.

Local, family-owned and run business

They say that there is no place like home, which is why we care for Cumbernauld and its residents so much. We strongly believe in the importance of giving back to the community and helping those around us. As we are based in your area, we can uniquely sympathize with you, in ways that all the large companies cannot because to them you are just a customer, but to us, you are part of our family. We offer free no-obligation quotes, same day service and round the clock support, so what are you waiting for? Call James Wilson today on 01236 802 680 or use our online booking form.

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