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TV Aerial Installation York are your local specialists offering a professional service. We intend to provide you with a range of aerial and satellite services offering all your needs and requirements.

Based in York, we can cater to the local areas within North Yorkshire with great ease. We are highly professional and will endeavour to cover all work offered domestic or commercial.

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TV Aerial services and installation in York

In the new digital age for both television and radio, we at TV aerial installation York offer a complete, professional service. As a first point of contact, we will attempt to assess what the job will require over the phone. However, it is generally best to find out what you need when on site. 

 We have exceptional understanding of the local area as we have been providing customers with services for more than seventeen years. Whether the work involves television or radio, TV Aerial Installer York will give you an honest opinion and quote. If you are pleased with this, we can do the job there and then or you can ask for a revisit. We will not tell you anything that you don’t need to know or sell you equipment that you don’t need.

TV wall and aerial installation in York

Most clients believe that a bracket is a bracket, but this is not always the case. There are various kinds out there in the market. We can discuss your needs on-site and then fit a bracket that is suitable for your television, which may be one of our basic ones, a swivel, lift or flat back bracket, or we may need to order a particular one. TV Aerial Installation York will also ensure that all cable extensions are as discrete as possible.


As indicated by its name, Freeview means watching at no charge. No contract needed for this, but your TV aerial needs to be up to the job. To view Digital Freeview channels, you will require a digital television, a Freeview box or a Freeview PVR (PVR allows you to watch one digital channel while recording another). It is not required to buy a new tv. A Freeview receiver will still work on an older black and white TV.

We can supply the equipment that you require or offer an installation service for the material you have purchased yourself.


As in the case of Freeview,  is satellite at no charge which does not require a contract to be able to view.

This equipment is beneficial for people who want digital TV channels in areas where the aerial signal is weak, such as caravan parks, valleys or screened areas. It will additionally work for older TVs if required.

Like Freeview, there is also Freesat PVR, which is comparable to Sky+ and lets you to record one channel while watching another. Freesat is also available in HD, providing your television is HD.

Additionally, we can install CCTV & Home Security Systems.

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We can supply all of the equipment or fitness equipment that you have purchased yourself. Call us on 01904 829 724 or 01904235674.

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