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At TV Aerial Installation Merthyr Tydfil there is no job too big or too small, we will help with any aerial and satellite related work, be that a cable run, system health check or installation of a brand new aerial or satellite. Further, we offer many additional services, which are aimed at making your TV viewing experience as pleasant and straightforward as possible. So, call TV Aerials UK today! We are the best TV aerial installer in Merthyr Tydfil after all.

TV Aerial Installation Merthyr Tydfil- additional services – TV wall mounting

Perhaps our most popular additional services, that is seeing an increasing level of interest is TV wall mounting. So, why should you wall mount your TV? Firstly, a wall-mounted TV saves a lot of floor space when compared to a TV on a stand. Due to modern TV wall brackets being so sleek, and up to date, flat-screen TV can practically be installed flush to the wall. Secondly, wall-mounted TV is less prone to glare for two reasons, one; they are generally installed higher than If they were sitting on a stand and, two, many TV wall brackets can tilt or swivel, meaning if you get struck by a glare, then you can just slightly adjust your TV.

Thirdly, wall-mounted TV makes the act of watching TV less tiring on your neck and eyes as you can set up the TV at a height that suits you, so you don’t have to arc your neck to see appropriately. Lastly, wall mounting a TV makes it safer and more secure as not only is it bolted to the wall and so not likely to simply being knocked over should someone bump into it or its stand, but when paired with cable management, mean that the TVs cable is out of reach and more laborious, or in the case of cables recessed into the wall impossible, to trip over and bring the TV crashing down.

Further, TV Aerial Installation Merthyr Tydfil offers many different types of TV wall mounts, such as ultra-thin brackets designed to disappear and be as sleek as possible, telescoping brackets that allow you great flexibility and move the screen closer or further as required, corner brackets and various other brackets specially designed for wall mounting a TV in either tight or unusual places, tilting and swivelling brackets that allow you to change the viewing angle to precisely your preference and much more.

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Mainly, one of our proudest and most defining characteristics, that always set us apart from the competitors is that we are local to Merthyr Tydfil and only employ local people. They know the area expertly and are as passionate about serving the local community as us. Merthyr Tydfil has some amazing sport such as our local football team Merthyr Town FC, who play some fantastic matches! Or our much beloved “Ironmen” from Merthyr RFC, who have truly lived up to their nickname, ever since being one of the 12 founding clubs of the Welsh rugby union, all the way back in 1881.