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TV Aerial Installation London welcomes you to our website, we are a leading TV installation company in London.  Furthermore, we have provided TV aerials and satellite installations for years.  Also, we have witnessed the dawning of the digital TV age and helped countless out of the dark ages of analogue TV.

Are you looking for a local TV aerial installer in London? or a local to London satellite system repair engineer? As a local company, we serve our home town and its surrounding areas. Furthermore, with over ten years of experience, we can offer the best advice for your particular needs as every installation is unique in its own way.

Freeview TV Aerial Installation London

TV Aerial Installation London are always happy to advise on the best course of action for any repair, upgrade or brand new installation, considering all possible options to you the customer and not just the possibility that costs the most! When considering the most suitable method of receiving the best possible reception, many aspects should be considered. These include your particular location, your location’s unique surroundings (altitude, trees, large obstructions, the structure of building, etc.) and possible effects of weather conditions to name just a few.

We fix all signal problems at TV Aerial Installation London

If you are experiencing poor reception with “freezing” “blocking” pictures and “cracking” sound or the available channels simply just not being received. TV Aerial Installation London can advise and ultimately rectify and resolve your reception issues and problems. Or if your ageing aerial system has simply seen better days and is about to give up or, worse still, fall thoroughly, we can advise and remove and replace with an excellent shiny new TV antenna system. We would be more than happy to arrange a visit to assess your requirements and give a free estimate. Just contact us here to arrange a suitable appointment.

Fed up of seeing “No satellite signal is being received” on your Sky Q or Sky plus HD system?

No Signal on Sky

Are your programs only part recording or failing? Been told you cannot have Sky Q because you receive from a communal aerial system? We can give your Sky equipment a “health check” checking the receiver, satellite dish and alignment, LNB and cabling for less than standard Sky call out fee. And of course, advise on the best course of action to resume your viewing enjoyment without interruption. Simply contact us for a free estimate.

If you don’t already have satellite TV and would like an excellent choice of channels available with Freeview but without a monthly subscription such as with Sky, a Freesat receiver and dish may be just what you are looking for.

Additionally, we offer CCTV & Security installations.

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