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Due to the ever-increasing importance of TV, it is no surprise that you need a clear and robust TV that you can rely on. Technology is improving, and so are our installation methods and options, so the days of the poor signal should be long behind us. Therefore, if you are still affected by a weak signal, then give TV Aerial Installation Ayr a call and we can get your picture sorted on a same-day basis. However, we can also offer you assistance with setting up a whole new system, so, even if you currently have no infrastructure for receiving a TV picture, we can help and supply and install everything that is needed to get you up and running. Why put off picture perfection any longer?

Our additional services in TV Aerial Installation Ayr

Mainly, TV Aerial Installation Ayr understands, better than any other company on the market, that there is more to an enjoyable TV viewing experience than only having a good signal, which is why we offer a whole host of additional services, each specifically designed to enhance your viewing in a multitude of ways.

Further, perhaps the most popular additional service is TV wall mounting. We can wall mount televisions of all sizes and shapes, including televisions that are 10” and smaller, all the way to 85” and more. As mentioned, we can wall mount both flat screen and curved TVs. We also have a wall bracket for every situation, so, whether you want a stationary bracket, can move on three axes or is specially designed for a tight spot such as a corner, we can help, and we have just the product for you.

Moreover, not only can we supply and install a TV wall mount, but if you already have a TV wall bracket, we can use it and install it for you, as long as it is suitable for the desired television of course. Nothing beats the ease and practicality of a wall-mounted TV, as not only can you set the ideal height for yourself, but also free up a lot of floor space due to not needing a stand.

TV Aerial Installation Ayr – Wall Mounting

Mainly, TV wall mounting is especially impactful and aesthetic when paired with another of our additional services, cable management. Also, TV Aerial Installation Ayr can offer many different options regarding cable management, either those designed to make the cables more comfortable to manage, such as cable trunking, or those designed to make it seem like there are no cables, such as recessing the cables into the wall, away from potential threats such as pets or over-eager young children.

Ayr through and through

Mainly, Ayr is a fantastic place, full of rich and vibrant history. What another place has such a fantastic beach as Ayr, or such a great sporting attraction as Ayr Racecourse that host such an influential even as the Scottish Grand National? Ayr has it all, which is why we are proud to serve such a great place as Ayr. Further, TV Aerial Installation Ayr is motivated and willing to help any Ayr resident achieve the signal quality and strength that they deserve. Further, we are your local TV aerial installer, and we are always available to help and support you in any way we can, seven days a week, every week of the year.